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Embracing Challenge

Guided by Shimadzu’s corporate philosophy “Contributing to society through Science and Technology”, Shimadzu Philippines is now, more than ever, prepared to embrace the challenge of ensuring the sustainability of our world. In this era that is driven by knowledge and technological advances, we must always put primacy on the well-being of man-kind and his environment. It is in this breadth that Shimadzu Philippines continues to provide our country a broad range of analytical and measuring instruments for pharmaceutical, industrial applications, for food safety, for environmental monitoring, for research, educational use and various medical diagnostic equipment for hospital needs.

We take pride in offering products with Global standards that have been designed and developed to meet the demands of our society. For many years now, Shimadzu Philippines has been a leading provider of testing instrumentation to key markets that ensure the safety of human health and environment, accurate diagnosis of medical conditions for proper management, for toxicological screening, high quality materials for food and beverage production, monitoring of product quality in variety of industries. We also have a strong presence in “spaces” where new scientific knowledge springs – the universities and research institutions that more often, provide the feedstock for new technological advancements. As we meet the demands of our Philippine customers, we build strong relationships with them based on trust, keeping an open and healthy communication to ensure that their opinions are heard and valued, and their expectations met in a timely manner.

Realizing that what Shimadzu provides to its Philippine clientele impacts on daily life, we are inevitably responsible for finding means to contribute to safeguarding mankind and society. This is the challenge we embrace. What we now offer – our quality products, technical service and customer support – is how we see ourselves responding to this challenge.